Trekking to the highest mountain in Malaysia

Trekking is fun even for someone who isn’t a seasoned trekker. Since, it is done mostly on foot, it gives a golden opportunity to the tourists to check out the local geography and discover many of those undiscovered secrets which nature guards fiercely. Malaysia tour packages are going ahead with higher emphasis on adventure and many are including a trekking tour to the country’s highest mountain.

Taman Negara National Forest

Though, Malaysia is not known for very high mountains, its Mount Tahan (Gunung Tahan in local language) is fairly high at 2187 m. It makes for excellent treks. Besides, the mountain lies in the folds of the famous Taman Negara National Forest. So, there is a lot to be expected out of this journey.


However, it would be unwise to take its humble height in an easy way. Gunung Tahan is not easy to mount and unless you are a pro trekker, you may have to stay contented with just trekking the lower slopes. Any kind of trekking requires a certain level of fitness. You need to be very fit and agile in order to climb this one.

>Jerantut to Kuala Tahan via Kuala Tembling by bus and boat

The most popular trekking route is called the Kuala-Tahan trail. This one is for those who are fit and enthusiastic enough to spare a week for the journey. The going-and-coming will take nearly 7 days and the tracks can be pretty challenging at some points. It is not ideal for couples unless the women in the group are really the adventurous kind.

The Merapoh-Merapoh trail is the easier one as it can get over in about 3 days. A number of international honeymoon packages recommend this trek which is also suitable for the learners and the beginners.


Another trekking trail runs from Merapoh to Kuala Tahan and the back journey (or vice versa). It is fairly long at around 5 days and is more suited for slightly experienced trekkers.

All in all, trekking in Malaysia can be a sensational experience since some of the best rainforests of south-east Asia are to be found in these corners. So, if you are planning a Malaysia trip this season, why not work on your fitness to make the trip a trek-worthy experience.

Mount Tahan3

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